The Top 5 Business Apps Every Tradie Should Be Using

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Whether you’re working on an ABN or are part of a company, integrating the latest business apps into the way you do things can directly increase cash flow, increase revenue, and save you precious time.

The latest tech innovations can help you get a better handle on your accounting, build better customer relationships, keep everyone on your team up to speed, meet all of your project management goals, and much more.

The team at Boss Tradie has tried and tested hundred of apps and project management software so you don’t have to.

We’ve been there, we know all the aspects of your business that is holding you and your team back. To continue breaking these barriers, below are apps you must have in your toolkit.

Xero – For All of Your Accounting Needs and More

Xero is an easy-to-use accounting app that takes care of your payroll and online invoicing while giving you up to date information on all of your automated bank feeds and financial data.

By syncing your bank and financial information with this accounting software, you can centralise all of your accounting and financial processes into one place and avoid jumping between multiple platforms.

Xero also allows users to easily collaborate with others, where an invitation to your account can be given to an accountant, bookkeeper, or advisor, so they can collaborate with you from anywhere in the world. Having all of this information in one place also makes calculating taxes a breeze.

WorkflowMax – Project Management Software

WorkflowMax helps you to handle the entire process of project management, from time tracking and monitoring job deadlines, costing jobs to ensure that you are charging enough to maintain profits, and making customised quotes for all of your customers. 

It is also fully integrated with Xero and other apps so all of your project management data can be exported to your accounting software.

One of the best parts of WorkflowMax is that it generates performance reports so users can easily track profitability across different job types and even employees, making it easy to see what types of jobs make the most money, and who in the team is contributing the most.

HubSpot – Customer Relationship Management Software

HubSpot is a must-have for new businesses that are just starting out as well as those with some history behind them who need the next best thing in customer relationship management.

This CRM software gives users an edge with marketing software that brings more people in and converts visitors to customers while also providing an effective customer service platform that collects feedback and turns your customers into promoters of your business.

It also automates the process of scheduling meetings with customers and provides them with a knowledge base about your business to create a deeper connection with your brand, allowing you to close more deals faster than before.

Asana – Work Management Software

Asana is another useful project management app that is designed to help you manage multiple teams and communicate and set deadlines with everyone so that no one is left in the dark while you are in charge.

With Asana, you can plan out your project’s timeline using a calendar and to-do list, and then assign your workers to their specific jobs where they can inform you of the jobs progress and completion.

Upon job completion, employees can simply consult the to-do list and stay on task with a clear direction while you manage multiple projects remotely.

Slack – Team Communication Platform

Forget about long email lists and struggling to get everyone in on an important conversation. Slack simplifies collaboration with all of your teams by emphasising instant replies in group chats on their platform.

You can set up specific channels for the different teams that you manage so that everyone can easily read and reply from any device that has internet.

By sending messages, pictures, videos, and any type of document through the app, you are also creating a backup for others so that once you send everyone, say, the blueprint of a job or key instructions, they can then easily access it at any time.

The team at Boss Tradie adopts a holistic approach to help tradies and trade businesses get to the next level. To find out more about the services Boss Tradie offers, subscribe to our mailing below or contact us now.

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