Kick Goals.

Systemise Processes

As a professional tradesperson, you’ve no doubt heard the phrase ‘measure twice, cut once’. In a nutshell, once you make the cut you can’t undo it and the mistake could be costly. Measuring twice on the other hand, costs you almost nothing and will ensure that the cut is always in the right place.  

Think of any business decision or action your company takes as ‘making a cut’. If it’s in the wrong place, it’s gonna cost you. Sometimes it might even cost you your business. That’s why you need reliable systems in place. Your systems are like your blueprint or measuring tape you use to make sure things in your business are done right. Every time.

Without them, every time your staff take an action that could affect your business, they’re basically just guessing where the cut should be made. With random cuts all over the place, it’s no wonder the structure of most businesses are on the verge of falling apart.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any systems in place yet, we will show you how to identify the most important ones first and lay the foundations of a well-built business.

Harness Technology

Having the right applications to run your business is like having the right tools to get the job done. With a million different tools to choose from, it can be a nightmare choosing the right ones that are gonna help you run your business more smoothly and profitably. 

We’ve been using these tools for well over 10 years. If there’s a piece of software out there that at least one of our team hasn’t had experience with, I’d be surprised. 

We’ll not only show you which tools are the right ones for you – but how to use them so you get maximum value for your business. 

Keep Score

Think of reporting as the scoreboard for your business.

What you can measure, you can manage. A business without accurate measuring and reporting is like a footy game without a scoreboard – you’ve got no way of telling if your team is winning or who your best players are. 

Most businesses want to win but very few are actually keeping an accurate score of their game. You don’t need to know every tiny little detail of everything that’s going on in your business, you just need a good measure on the 3 or 4 big ones that matter to you.

We’ll help you find the stats you need to know and our monthly reports will show you where you’re kicking goals and which areas need improvement.