I have a company with a few employees/regular contractors on the tools

You have somewhat of an established business and have staff who can deliver your projects with an acceptable amount of professionalism and reliability. If you’ve been doing things right you should have already established a positive company culture and your brand is somewhat recognised in your local area.

You get enough enquiries to keep you going but don’t feel like you have full control over how much work you can put in your pipeline. With quotes to get out and problems to resolve on job sites, it feels like you’re juggling more balls than you can handle.

Due to the increase in overheads you might have noticed that your take home profits hasn’t gone up much since you were a one man band. With a growing number of staff and long payment terms from builders, cashflow can start to become a major issue. This is the stage of business that most owners struggle to break through.

Don’t be one of the many who scale back to a smaller business or go back to a full time job. With the Growth Program we can guide you in the right direction to making your first hire on the management side, help you streamline your systems and establish a steady flow of new business enquiries.   

I have a company employing staff both on and off the tools

Good news is you’ve already passed the point in business that 80% of others never make it to. So congrats! However, if you’ve been growing rapidly you may be exposed to a high level of financial risk, and your cashflow pressures are going to be amplified even further.

As your company grows to this size and structure you may notice many bottlenecks starting to appear because you no longer have enough time to do all the project management, estimating and admin. In fact, if don’t have staff in 2 out of these 3 key managerial positions, you’ll most likely be approaching the limit of how much work you can personally take on before the cracks begin to appear.

It’s time to let go of the reigns a little and start empowering your best staff with more responsibility, while you focus on self-development and personal growth. Not only will this Growth Program help bring new profitable opportunities into your business, it’ll get you 1 on 1 training with a Boss Tradie coach, who has been there, to set you on the right path.