About Us.

It's Time for Change

We believe that the educational tools and resources currently available to hard working Australian tradies are fundamentally flawed, outdated and in desperate need of an overhaul. 

The couple of days business training you get at Tafe to become a licensed tradesperson, is grossly inadequate when it comes to preparing yourself for the multitude of challenges you’re going to face as a trade business owner.

The harsh reality is, that for many people, the dream of being their own boss quickly turns into a nightmare, leading them down a path of never ending stress,  frustration and financial uncertainty.

At BossTradie.com.au our mission is to revolutionise trade business education and help everyday Australian tradies start and grow wildly profitable businesses and live lives of freedom. 

We are the first to offer hybrid coaching programs, combining done-for-you marketing & systems with revolutionary, no BS training that will take you from Subby to CEO in record time.

Our clients have made over $10,000,000 and we’re just getting started.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help 25 start-up trade businesses exceed $100k/month in revenue by the end of 2023.

We will accomplish this by lifting up the hood on the EXACT METHODS we used to grow not one, but 3 trade businesses from 1-man-band to multiple 7 figures in revenue over a 6 year period.

This means that we WE CAN’T WORK WITH EVERYONE.

The success of our mission is only guaranteed if we work with the most motivated, ambitious tradies who truly want to achieve excellence in their businesses and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to achieve their goals.

Our Journey

Him – from humble beginnings as window cleaner and courier driver to co-founder & managing director of several 7-figure trade businesses.

Her – corporate high flyer, from building systems at Suncorp to analysing risk at one of the world’s largest investment banks in London, before making waves in the energy sector.

Together – the best of trade business & corporate world strategies fused together & made available to everyday tradies for the first time.